Why I Review Travel Books

Reading these reviews, I hope to give you the feeling of sitting in a cool library with a delicious beer or coffee. There are maps on the wall, and an excotic globe on the table. Lounging in big leather chairs are the most fascinating adventurers the world has ever seen. This is your chance to have a conversation with them.


Why I Recommend Travel Books

I love travel books, and there are always plenty on my shelf waiting to be read. But, I don’t always have people around to discuss the books with, and that’s half the fun!

I want to make sure that I can share the good books to help other readers have more efficient use of their time.

Plus, there are three other groups I really want to help:

  • Lonely travelers: Even while on the road by yourself, you should be able to have a virtual discussion about great books.

  • Anyone stuck at home: You can always travel in your mind, you just need the right book to take you there.

  • Those who need a (gentle) push out the door: Heading off on an adventure is a scary thought. Believe me, I know. Sometimes the right books can give you the courage and inpsiration you need to grab your backpack and tie your shoes.

How I Define a "Travel Book"

When I talk about travel books, I don’t just mean tales of people on the road. I’m referring to anything that I think will make traveling more meaningful (both non-fiction and fiction).

The books I read follow my personal interests, and are divided into the following categories:

  • Travelogue - Stories about great adventures.

  • History/Culture/Place - I’m a firm believer that knowing more about the history and culture of a place will lead to a better trip.

  • Local Authors - Even if they’re not writing about travel or their homeland, local authors help you understand the way that people think in their culture.

  • Travel Fiction - Sometimes I don’t like to let facts and reality get in the way of a good adventure story, and these are what most often motivate me to head out my front door.

  • Famous Travelers - Well-known travelers usually had pretty interesting lives, so their biographies can make for good reading.

  • Advice - Everything from how to live a life on the road to where to eat in Rome.

If I Don't Have Anything Nice To Say...

...I won’t say anything at all.

I think every book that’s written and published deserves some amount of respect, and they all have at least one fan. If I hate it, I assume that it’s just not my cup of tea. In that case, I won’t review it. This is why everything here will be at least somewhat positive.

I’ll only say “negative” things so you don’t expect the wrong thing from a certain book. No one wants that.

Please give me Travel Book Recommendations!

I’m always on the hunt for new books, so don’t be shy in telling me about what you loved!