ICE* Amsterdam Outdoor Ice Rink

Annual Outdoor Ice Rink in Amsterdam

This fun little ice rink pops up in Museumplein of Amsterdam every winter.  Sitting right in the shadow of the Rijksmuseum, it’s a great spot for both tourists and locals to visit.  It’s not built for Olympic hockey games, so it’s perfect for a date or families out with the little ones.

There is a traditional Dutch bridge going over the rink, and it often acts as a stage for musicians to serenade the skaters.  Also, one of the sponsors has donated bright green chairs, and they’re a perfect helper for those who aren’t incredibly confident in their skating abilities.

My Experience

I must confess that I haven’t actually gone skating here, but I’ve spent a decent amount of time watching others enjoy it.  Museumplein is a square that I love enough to make an excuse to walk through all times of the year, and I especially enjoy seeing this little winter tradition in action.  Plus, my museum card really gives me extra motivation to stroll by.

Practical Information

Hours:  Sun. to Thurs. 10 AM – 9 PM, Fri. to Sat. 10 AM – 10 PM

Dates:  In 2015/2016, ICE*Amsterdam will be open from November 21 – February 28

Prices:  €4.50 with skates, €5.50 for skate rental (2 hours), €40.00 for a 10-time pass

Address:  Amsterdam’s Museumplein, directly behind the Rijksmuseum (by the iAmsterdam sign)


Who Would Most Enjoy This Attraction?

This is where I can get a little bit critical and point out who would like the attraction.  That way, I don’t have to say anything negative, and I can get away with pointing out that it’s only for people with certain interests.

Insider Advice

We went by after a quick visit to the Rijksmuseum on a rainy day recently, and the weather outside was very cold, but not freezing.  Somehow, this resulted in a pretty significant amount of water spread around the rink, so sometimes the skaters would fall and stand up soaking wet.  Maybe try to avoid it after a rain storm, or wear some water-proof clothes!  Stay warm out there!