Warsaw Rising Museum, Warsaw, Poland

The outside of the museum. It looks menacing, doesn't it? (click to see larger)Date of Visit:  April 5, 2012

Rating (1-bad to 10-good): 8


If you like history, or are just curious why Warsaw looks the way it does, then you should visit this museum.  It focuses on the events before, during, and after World War II.  It is very modern and updated, and well worth the entrance fee.

The museum starts out in the pre-war time period to explain what the situation was before the Nazi invasion.  Then, most of the museum focuses on how life was during the occupation.  Much of this addresses what happened to the Jewish population and the various resistance and military movements throughout the war.  It continues on to the nearly total destruction of the city, and the subsequent rule (occupation) by the Soviets.  Finally, it uses all of this to explain why Warsaw is what it is today.

You start to feel as if you're in the war. (Click to see larger)Not only does the museum have many photographs, movie screens showing video clips, and information sheets in each room, but it also has a lot of great physical items.  There are guns, tanks, uniforms, and even a full sized bomber plain.  Some of the rooms are made up to look like a different setting, and my favorite was probably a cobblestone street with ruined buildings.  There is a giant pillar in the center of the museum that has a beating heart to symbolize the Polish people living on.

I stand by the fact that the museum is worth the entry fee, but avoid paying the extra money for the 3-D movie that is supposed to show Warsaw in its most destroyed state.  It’s an interesting sight to see, but the 3-D barely works.  Also, it’s a very short film that doesn’t contain any dialogue or descriptions.

As with any good museum, it has a lot of history. (click to see larger)The biggest downside to the museum is that it’s depressing.  Unfortunately, the subject matter of the museum forces it to remain on the sad side.  However, they do a great job of trying to tell the truth while focusing on the positive aspects.  Even though it talks about how bad everything was, you leave with a feeling that the Polish people will fight and persevere, and the rebuilt city of Warsaw can attest to that.

Admission Price:  14 PLN Individual, 10 PLN Discounted (student, etc.), 7 PLN per person for a group with a guide

Website:  http://www.1944.pl/en/

Address:  ul. Grzybowska 79