Speed Burger, Békéscsaba, Hungary

Date of Visit:  Many times since moving to Békéscsaba in August

Rating (1-bad to 10-good):  7 for good prices, long hours, and vegetables served with the greasy food


This is a great little fast food joint.  There’s actually three parts to it:  “Speed Burger” that sells hamburgers and other grilled sandwich type meals, “Speed Pizza” which sells pizzas, and “Speed something else to do with ice cream” which never seems to be open.

The four buildings (one burger, two pizza – one with a bar, and one ice cream) are separated with a nice little courtyard containing a fountain in the middle.  In the warmer months, it’s great to grab your food and enjoy the fresh air.  The pizza building is the only one with inside seating, though, so that’s where you’ll have to pass your time in the winter.

Speed Christmas Tree - In late JanuaryTaking your food elsewhere seems to be the most popular option.  You can enjoy pizza until midnight 7 days a week, but the burgers are grilled up much later than that.  The burger stand is open until 2 AM Sunday through Thursday and 3 and 4 AM on Friday and Saturday respectively.

It’s all pretty reasonably priced.  Large pizzas average about 1000 Forints give-or-take a few hundred (about 3.67 Euros or 4.95 US Dollars).  The sandwiches and burgers cost about 700 Forints (2.57 Euro or 3.46 Dollars).

Living pretty close to this place, I go there quite often.  I’ve only had the pizza once (because I found another place I like, not because it was bad), but I’m well known at Speed Burger.  My favorite is the Speed Tortilla which is made, ironically, without a tortilla.  Far from being the Mexican food they advertise, it’s a sort of doughy bread that’s cooked on the grill and folded in half with the other ingredients inside.  It’s filled with hamburger, mushrooms, cheese, some sort of sliced meat, sour cream, and probably a few other items.

I can also recommend anything containing the local Csabai sausage.  It’s great for anyone who likes spicy, greasy goodness.

Overall, it’s exactly what you’d expect from the name.  It has the benefit of being right down the street from one of the biggest nightclubs in town, Club Babylon, so you can stop in late on a Saturday night if you want to see the local kids in action.

Website:  http://www.speedpizza.hu/