Let's Get Hats and Take a Selfie

Sometimes tourists are so stereotypical that it feels like there's a rule book for visiting Amsterdam.  I'm pretty sure that two of those rules are to buy "Amsterdam" hats and take a selfie with them.  This group gets extra credit because not only do their hats match (I guess their tourist shop had limited supply), but they're leaning on the wall of the outdoor ice rink and have the iAmsterdam sign in the background.

I Guess I'll Walk From Here

It's not at all unusual to see slightly damaged bikes around Amsterdam, and it doesn't take long to find one that's still heavily locked even though it's completely out of commission.  But, this one next to a trash can really caught my eye because it could barely be defined as a bicycle.

"Want a new bike?" my wife asked.

I'm pretty sure the question was slightly sarcastic.