Pictures of Lake Bled, Postojna, and Zagreb

Remember the trip I took during my fall break a few weeks ago?  Click here if you don't.  I still have pictures to share with you.  Again I've posted them on another site, and I will give you the link here.

First, there's Lake Bled.  It's the famous, picturesque lake in the Slovenian Alps where I spent Halloween.  It was rainy, foggy, and incredible.  The pictures don't really do it justice, but they sure try.  Click here to see them:

Click the picture to go to the album.

Next, my pictures from Postojna.  That's where I visited a big cave full of Koreans, saw the coolest castle ever that's built into a cave/cliff, and met an Indian who was obsessed with the internet.  By the way, I still haven't received my eagerly awaited e-mail from him.  Click this picture to see the rest:

Click this image to go to the Postojna pictures.

Finally, some pictures from one of my new favorite cities, Zagreb, Croatia.  I fell in love with this place, and I may very well meet my wife there.  She will obviously be beautiful and dressed very stylishly, as all Croatian women seem to be.  Until then, you can enjoy pictures of the city by clicking here:

Click this picture to see Zagreb.

Now, for my Hungarian word of the day.  It may not be correct, however, because I learned it from the dictionary.  I have a strange distrust of language dictionaries, because they always seem to give a similar, but incorrect, word that causes people to laugh.

Fénykép (pronounced like "faint" without the "T" and "cape").  It means "photo".

One more thing, tomorrow I will (hopefully) be making an exciting announcement about my blog!  Be sure to visit so you can find out what it is.