Life Sentence

The prison will open its gates one week from today.  No longer will the inmates be tortured for about 8 hours a day.  They’ll finally get a taste of freedom.

Then, after about two weeks, they’ll be placed back in their cells.

At least that’s how I viewed it when I was in high school.  I never saw it as a place where I could gain knowledge and improve myself.  I would count the days until my Christmas vacation and cherish my few days of relaxation.  When it was finished, life was over.

The teachers were the evil guards who found pleasure in torturing children.  They didn’t want breaks from school because they interrupted their demented joys in life.  That’s why classes were rarely let out early and homework was always assigned.

Now, I’m on the other side, and it’s different.

The students still grumble just as much.  They’re tired in the morning and want to go home in the afternoon – there’s no middle ground, it goes straight from one to the other.  The biggest reaction I got out of them today was when I’d mention their upcoming freedom.

To my surprise, though, is the attitude of the teachers.  They seem to like weekends, school breaks, and going home at the end of the day more than the students.  It’s a very common topic of conversation.  I suppose they don’t like to grumble much in front of the students, but they’re tired of school too!  Most of them love teaching, but I’m beginning to believe that there isn’t one person in the world who actually likes school.

Instead of joining an army of evil, monstrous prison guards, I seem to have joined a group of people who are still stuck in school.  Next time you hear a kid complain about being in the classroom, tell him to feel pity on the teacher.  The student will leave school in a few years, but the teacher is stuck forever.

But the teachers give the grades.  Now I can make my evil laugh.

Hungarian word of the day:


The A sounds are difficult to pronounce, but it’s something like Ton-are.  It means “teacher”.  I wonder what the Hungarian word for torturer is?  I bet it’s similar.