What Day Does Your Country Vote?

While people across Europe talk about the political issues surrounding the Hungarian referendum vote today, everyone is ignoring a major issue. Why is the voting held on a Sunday?

I grew up in a culture where people voted on weekdays. Sundays were meant for religious activities like going to church and watching football. Not voting.

Running through it in my head, I wondered why you'd want to vote on a day that you didn't even go to work. How do you find the time? It would interrupt the one day of the week when you're not stressed about anything (except football, but that's a different kind of stress).

But, maybe it's better. You don't have to rush to a voting center before or after work, and you don't have to spend your lunch break boosting political egos. And little kids don't have to watch stern-faces adults walking in and out of the elementary school library all day.

A little bit of research into the USA's pattern of Tuesday voting has shown why that day was chosen. There were a lot of farmers who needed to make long journeys in order to cast their vote, but their schedules were pretty busy. Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays were off limits for religious reasons. Wednesdays were meant for selling goods at the market. So, Tuesday it was! We don't have as many farmers these days, but hey, traditions are cool!

I guess farmers are the only ones with a right answer to this dilemma. But be careful about suggesting a change. As with everything related to politics, everyone will probably be blinded by personal biases and defend their voting day of the week until war breaks out.

So, now I'm curious. What day of the week do people vote in your country?

And, most importantly, do you get a little sticker that says "I voted" on top of your national flag? I love those little guys.

Political satire is alive and well in Hungary.

Hungarian word of the day:


This is the verb that means “to vote,” and it’s pronounced something like “Sah-vaz-knee.”