Batman Is Dutch?

Amsterdam, and the Dutch in general, are famous for their bikes.  The two wheeled monsters are everywhere.  You know those iconic pictures of bikes locked to every railing and canal bridge?  Those aren’t exciting – they’re just Amsterdam.

I’m going to say it (probably not for the last time):

Bicycles are the pigeons of Holland.

Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Batman lives in Amsterdam.  As evidenced by the following photograph, he forgot to lock the Batbike in the Batcave, but it does appear that there are one or two Baby Bats riding along with him.  Or, is Robin smaller than we all thought?


Dutch word of the day:


I’m still struggling with this whole Dutch language learning task, but I’m fairly certain that this word means “Bat,” and that it’s pronounced somewhere along the lines of “F-leer-mouse.”  Dutch speakers and/or billionaire superheroes are encouraged to make corrections.