First Snow Of Budapest

Fact #1:  I love snow.

Fact #2:  It has been avoiding me this winter.

Before I begin, you must know that I’m the guy who often surprises people by saying I love winter more than summer.  Many describe it as a dark, cold, depressing time of the year.  I think of it as a time to bundle up in clothes and enjoy the cozy feeling of cafes and houses with fireplaces.  Plus, my fair skin gets sunburned in the summer, and that just isn’t healthy.

This winter, I spent nearly a month in Colorado, and I only saw a few flakes.  That doesn’t mean I was climbing mountains looking for it, but I expect it to come to me every now and then.  The one time it did snow, I was visiting another state and missed it.  My bad luck is kind of impressive.

The good news is that it wasn’t snowing in Budapest either.  I didn’t miss some awesome, fun blizzard while sitting in a sunny region.  My Hungarian friends also weren’t throwing snowballs.

Then, when I returned to Hungary, the weather got really cold.  It’s been fluctuating between freezing frreezing frrreezing and just really cold, but it still has been pretty intent on prohibiting snowflakes.  It almost seemed like this winter was a lost cause.

Finally, it happened!  There was a nice (light) snowfall on the city.  So, naturally I got so excited that I grabbed my camera and got ready to go out and take some pictures.  I was really excited, and then I checked the temperature.  I don’t remember what number it was, but it was much lower than I would like to see when my hands have to be exposed to operate a camera.

So, naturally, I made a cup of tea and watched some TV.  It was comfortable, so I repeated.  Again and again.  Until the sun was nearly setting.  Uh oh.  Did I waste the day?

No.  I threw on some warm clothes and dashed out into the night.  The pictures weren’t great because of the lack of light.  Even the snow seemed to be missing.  That’s when I noticed an army of men with brooms doing their best to clear their sidewalks.  I started snapping pictures furiously.

The moral of the story is that you can’t pretend snow will just last.  Even if the temperatures are enough to make a penguin put on a coat, some flock of city workers may be doing their best to exterminate the little bit of frozen stuff that makes you happy.


Hungarian word of the day:


This word is pronounced like „tail,” and it means „winter.”