Gödöllő - Heat In The Palace

On a sweltering morning in the heat of August in Budapest, I was sitting in my apartment wondering how to last another day without melting.  Suddenly, my phone broke the silence with its piercing ring, and I picked it up.


“Hey, do you want to go to Gödöllő?”


“Right now, we’re on the metro heading that way.”


For a little back story, you should know that Gödöllő is a town near Budapest that I’ve been meaning to visit for a very long time.  It’s easy to get to, and has a famous old palace there (and I love palaces).  I’d been thinking about going for the past few weekends, but the heat always killed my motivation to get up and go.

But, on this particular day I decided I might as well just sweat somewhere else, so I got dressed and headed out.  I took the metro to the HÉV (Budapest suburban railway) where I bought a sandwich and met my friends.  After about an hour long train ride through some nice cool forest, we arrived.

Most of the day was spent at the palace, which was nice.  The downside was that we had to constantly dodge the multiple weddings taking place there.  The upside was that we got to constantly watch wedding guests.

The highlight was watching one of the brides throwing her bouquet.  The other girls all grouped behind her, and she threw the flowers right over her head and they landed about one inch behind her.  In other words, the bouquet made it less than 1% of the distance that it needed to go.  Everyone laughed, and they tried again.

On the second attempt, the bride managed to get the bouquet to her friends.  They all pushed to try and catch it, but at the last second, they all scattered as if it was a biological weapon.  Then, they picked it up off the ground and forced it upon who girl who it seemed to have touched before its crash landing.

Despite my best efforts, I wasn’t able to join this heavenly party of single women who seem to be terrified of marriage…

Enjoy my pictures.  I didn’t take any of the inside of the palace because you had to pay extra to bring your camera in, and that was outside my student budget.


Hungarian word of the day:


This word looks pretty easy, because most of the Hungarian months are similar to the names in English.  Make the „u” into an „oo” sound, and the „s” into a „shh” sound, and you’re good to go.