Santa Claus The Lawyer


This morning, I woke up to find that Mikulás (a.k.a. Santa Claus) didn’t visit me at my apartment, so I was rather disappointed seeing how it was the night he visits Hungary.  And I really thought I had been nice this year!  Fortunately, the problem would redeem itself when I arrived at school.  My Business Law class began with an unexpected surprise…


He bore a strange resemblance to the director of my MBA program, but I was too distracted by his big red bag full of szaloncukor that he distributed to everyone who was on time (a challenge for a class that isn’t usually held first thing every morning).  I assume it’s just coincidence that bribery was one of the topics of today’s lesson.

And people think that law is boring.  It’s clearly just misunderstood…

 These schoolchildren are dressed for the occasion.

Hungarian word of the day:


It’s pronounced “ME-cool-osh,” and it is the Hungarian name for Santa Claus (coming from the name Nicholas).