Lasers And A Church

“Let’s take old, intricate buildings and project a laser show onto the side of them.  Then, we can sync it to music and give it a moving, 3D appearance.”

I don’t know who first said this, but I would give that guy a high-five.

On another cold, December night, I was walking to get some dinner as a break from studying.  With St. Stephen's Basilica being on my way to the restaurant, I decided to cut through the square and see the Christmas market.  Almost immediately, I realized my mistake.

With an exam the next day, walking quickly was a necessity.  But, if you’ve ever been to a Christmas market, you know that the people there would all lose a race to a sloth.  It’s not fair to blame them, because they are just trying to enjoy the moment.  But, fair or not, I still kind of hate everything about them.  Who cares about “Christmas spirit”?  It’s cold and I have exams to worry about…

Anyway, as I looked at the mass of unmoving people blocking the route to my destination, my vision suddenly became a lot darker.  I was pretty sure it was the beginning of my transition into a super villain, but I shortly became disappointed.  It was simply the lights on the front of the church going dark to start the laser show.

Lasers!  I guess there was another super villain nearby…

I happened to have a perfect view since I hadn’t yet entered the fray, and all the other sloth people were trapped in their web of frozen movements, so no one was able to rush in and block my way.  So, I spent at least half of the five minute show without any little kids bumping into me.

The good news is I had my camera with me.  The bad news is that I didn’t have a lens that was wide enough to take pictures of the whole building (in defense of my lens, the building is gigantic).  So, I was able get some cool picture in bits and pieces, but not the whole scene.

And if you think I would’ve moved backwards into the man eating crowd to get a picture of the whole basilica, then you’re a crazy person who has clearly never been to a Christmas market in Budapest.  In that case, I recommend you go.  They’re lovely.

Oh yeah, about the show.  It was weird.  There were a lot of snow flakes and windows that moved around.  Then lines of light would trace all the lines of stone in cool patterns.  Then a bunch of presents fell out of these imaginary windows.  More snow.  A giant Christmas tree grew in front of the place.  Snow.  The front of the building turned into Santa with a crazy mustache.  Then clouds and bursts of light exploded from the mosaic of Jesus in the center.

Then all the Italian people went back to their shopping (and standing).


Hungarian word of the day:


This word is pronounced “TEM(like ten with an M) – plome (rhymes with home),” and it means “Church.”