Free Time Has Become Study Time

School has begun.  I’m now officially a student of the Corvinus University of Budapest (School Of Management - MBA program if you really want to know).  Tomorrow will mark the start of my third week, and I’m happy to say I’m loving it.  I’m not, however, loving studying.  I have to admit that.

The public transport I ride to school is a little more modern than this, but I like this color better! (click image to see different size)Some good things:

I have really cool classmates.  My “group” consists of 10 people (supposedly – two of them have yet to show up) and everyone is from a different country.  That means lots of interesting cross-cultural experiences.  Plus, I’m getting really good at mimicking new accents.  If my business career falls through, I always have the comedic impersonator field to fall back on.

The classes are interesting.  Let me rephrase that – all but one of the classes are interesting.  Friday morning between 9 and 12 is now officially the worst three hours of the week.

Free coffee.  That’s right, there are coffee machines in my classroom.  I’m pretty sure my hands will be permanently shaking for the rest of my life.

Some bad things:

Early mornings.  Right now, I have class every day of the week (this will change soon because of an intensive class).  I start at 9 am every day except for Thursday.  It’s not that bad though because of the free coffee.

Studying.  I don’t like it.  It’s better to study something that I find interesting than something I don’t, but that doesn’t make it fun.  A similar comparison is that it’s nicer to eat a caterpillar than a cockroach.

Now.  What’s wrong with right now, you ask?  That I should be studying (see above).  I guess I’ll get back to it…

Not the coffee I drink at school, but this one was delicious too! (click image to see different size) 

Hungarian word of the day:


It’s pronounced “Eh-dj-eh-tem,” and this word means “university.”  Very useful for me!