Safe At Home

NOTE:  This is an update of the fire that rolled through Colorado Springs, the town where my parents live.  Read my first two parts about it here: Colorado Springs Is Burning and Fire Update.

Taken from the ridge above my house. The fire is still burning nearby, but we'll probably be alright. (click to see larger)Saturday afternoon, my family and I returned to our house.  The evacuation was lifted Friday night, but it was too late for us to want to return to a house that was most likely full of smoke.

It turns out that everything was fine.  Tuesday evening (when we were forced to evacuate) was a very stressful time, but my dad and I were focused enough to firmly close all the windows and doors.  This must have made some difference because I know that some of our close neighbors came home to the foul smell of smoke inside.

The fire came eerily close to our home, but it didn't get it.  It completely destroyed houses that were maybe a mile away, so we were very lucky.  Our house is in a small valley, and the ridge in the backyard has a big, close view of some of the burned areas.

From the ridge above my house. The fire burned many houses, but a lot were saved by the firefighters - even if it was a little to close for comfort. (click to see larger)Another concern we had was of burglars.  There were some horrible people who were taking advantage of this situation by breaking into peoples houses and stealing stuff.  They knew no one would be home, and they somehow snuck past the police who were guarding the neighborhoods to rob and destroy.  Fortunately, we didn't have this either.

The fire isn't out yet.  It is still burning in the mountains, and it's still alive on one of the big peaks overlooking the city.  That has us worried a little, because there's a slight chance it could get out of control and head our way again.

Overall, it looks like this story has a happy ending for my family.  We will, however, keep some of those boxes packed in case flames head our way in the immediate future.  Thanks for all of your concern throughout this!

If there's one thing you should take away from all of this, it's that you should always appreciate your home.  Hopefully nothing will ever happen to it, but remember that it's possible.  There's no place like home.

 From the ridge above my house. Even though a lot burned, they saved a lot of buildings. The one in the middle is my old doctor's office. (click to see larger)