Colorado Springs Is Burning

I have traveled from Hungary to Colorado to be with my family for the summer, but it's not the vacation I expected.  A forest fire began in the mountains west of the city on Saturday, and it has been causing worry ever since.

Today, everything changed.  Colorado Springs is in flames.  We had to evacuate our house as smoke and fire poured in to the area.  I don't know the condition of the house - it may be perfectly fine, it may be completely gone - but the last views I had of that area of town were dense clouds of smoke and bursts of flames.

The important thing is that my parents, my three dogs, and myself are all safe and out of harm's way - at least for now.  We are fortunate enough to have friends who are letting us stay with them.  Hopefully we will find out more news tomorrow.EVACUATE! It was just like a Hollywood movie about an epic natural disaster - plus, very hot and smoky in my jeep. (click to see larger)

From this distance (pretty far east from the mountains) you can usually see a beautiful view of mountains and houses. Not today. (click to see larger)

I know houses have burned, all we can do is hope that ours isn't one of them. (click to see larger)