Sick (Because) Of Working

This is a fancy gate for a university. I guess it's motivation to go to school! (click to see larger)Spring Break is usually a time where people go on a hot vacation.  It’s associated with beaches, sand, boats, and drinks with little umbrellas in them.  Mine wasn’t warm.  Instead it was cold, grey, windy, and slightly rainy.

It’s my own fault.

I do like relaxing, but my favorite trips are usually the adventuresome ones.  So, I turned in the beach towel to head north and explore a country that’s eluded me so far.  Poland.  It’s a place that I never had much desire to visit, but I changed my thoughts after my recent post asking for advice.  It came so highly recommended that I couldn’t resist.

Decision made.  Take a train there, meet my friend halfway through the week.  Fly back.  Simple.

Nope.  Travelling is never, ever simple.  Something always goes wrong.

In this case, I got sick a few days before I was to leave.  Before I act like I’m looking for pity, take note that this was the first time of my entire career in Hungary that I took time off of work for being sick.  When I look at my work day in 45 minute increments, it makes it difficult to justify needing to spend time at home in my bed.  This time, however, I was miserable enough to throw in the towel halfway through a Wednesday.

There were a lot of murals on the sides of buildings in Warsaw. (click to see larger)After a visit to a doctor (a story for another day), I was given some medicine that was supposed to help.  It did its job, but not fast enough to make me eager for a 10 hour train ride on Saturday morning.  So, I hopped on my computer and compared travel times and prices until it became obvious that I should just wait and hop on a plane Wednesday night with my buddy.  Fortunately, discount airlines offer you this kind of convenience (even if they deprive you of all others).

The days of rest and relaxation were worthwhile.  They made me into a sluggish, zombie-like traveler instead of the full grown crybaby that a tougher trip would’ve created.  Although I didn’t feel 100%, I still managed to enjoy myself.

I took a lot of pictures and had as many funny experiences as I could.  Look for them to come soon.  My only warning is that you wear a sweater while reading.  As I said at the beginning, it was grey and cold the whole time.  That really helped me get a speedy recovery.

 These guys were working really hard to hold up this building (click to see larger).

Hungarian word of the day:


It’s pronounced „Reh-poo-luuh-tear”, and this word means „Airport”.  It’s what you may have to ask directions to if you’re intending to get out of Hungary.  Take my advice, though, if you’re sick, go somewhere warm and sunny.