Where To Go, That I Don’t Know

Trains are the most fun way to travel, use them! (click to see larger)One of the reasons that I came to Hungary was because of where it is located.  It’s a landlocked country that has strange lands on all sides of it.  You can take a train, car, bus, bike, canoe, hang glider, rollerblades, or any other conceivable form of transportation and end up in a different country without having to cover much distance.

Sounds great, right?  It is, but it has it’s pros and cons.  Imagine you had a huge craving for something sweet and cold, so you went into an ice cream shop.  Now pretend that they had 2 million different flavors that all looked tasty.  How do you decide?  That’s the decision I’m facing now.

I’m a little over a week away from my spring break, and, as usual, I haven’t decided where to go.  There were good deals on discount flights to anywhere in Europe, but those are becoming more scarce as the time draws closer.  But, trains and buses could easily get me to a new land.  All I have to do is decide which.

So, I’m going ask for your help.  Where do you think I should go?  Let me lay out some of the places that I’m considering, but feel free to suggest anywhere else.  I have about a week off of school (ten days, I think), and keep in mind that I get paid a Hungarian teaching salary – translation:  cheap is good.

 My experiences in restaurant cars have always been awesome, is that a general feeling? (click to see larger)

Bosnia - A nation that wasn’t even on my list of places to go until I realized it’s right next door, but putting that aside, I’ve heard a lot of good things about this country.  I was attracted to the city that hosted the spark of World War I, but rumor has it that there are a few other incredible towns around. 

Pros:  It’s close and reasonable priced (and easy to plan at the last minute).

Cons:  I don’t know if there are enough things to occupy me for 10 days.


If this was my car, I would definitely be driving somewhere! (click to see larger)Ukraine -  An intriguing country that I really don’t know much about.  It’s another neighbor of Hungary, but it’s at the far corner and it seems that the cool places are deep in the country.

Pros:  I could take trains and/or buses and I think the prices are good.

Cons:  I think it takes a long time to travel there by train, and I’m not sure how easy it is to get around once I’m actually in the country.


Bulgaria – This is higher up on my list, but I think I’d have to fly and the flights aren’t very cheap at such a late date.  Plus, Istanbul is a city that I’d really like to go to, and it may be easier to see both of these places at once.

Pros:  I’ve heard it’s very cheap once you’re there.

Cons:  Getting a flight there wouldn’t be cheap.


Trains are great, but there's a lot of time spent waiting in stations (not always in the best weather). (click to see larger)Poland – It’s a popular country to visit, but one that has never really been that attractive to me (I don’t have a good reason why).  However, I rarely hear anything bad about it, so it’s probably worth visiting.

Pros:  I can get there by trains, and I’m under the impression that the infrastructure is fairly modern, so it would be easy to get around.

Cons:  I’m just not that excited about it.


Greece -  There were (I stress the past tense) cheap flights to Greece, but I was thinking of using it more as a starting point.  I’d like to explore some more of the former Yugoslavian countries, but I don’t know how easy it really is to get from one place to the other.

Pros:  If I could get around, I could go to some off the beaten track locations.

Cons:  The flight fares have gone up, and I don’t know for sure that I could get to the places I’d really like to go.


Those aren’t all my options, those are just the first five that I thought of.  Let me know that you think.  Have you been to them and liked them or not liked them?  Have you not been there but always wished you have?  Does one sound like a great idea or horrible idea simply because you don’t like the name?  Any reasoning is welcome!

 The form of transportation isn't important, but it's time for me to cross some borders like this one into Italy. (click to see larger)

Hungarian word of the day:


This word is pronounced “Hot-aar” (the second part is kind of like what  pirate says), and it means “Border”.  It’s my intention to cross at least one border on my next trip because I haven’t been out of Hungary since I left for Christmas.  That must be some sort of record for me.