The Day That Shouldn’t Be

After a long day, I like to just blur my eyes and put on a sport I don't understand... like handball. (click to see larger)Yesterday was the pride and joy of our leap year, February 29th.  It’s pretty cool that there’s a day that only comes once every four years, but I could’ve done without that one.  After all, the stars align in such a way that February only has 28 days – an extra is just unnatural.

In all honesty, it wasn’t that horrible of a day.  It was just busy and miserable.  Wednesday’s are kind of a curse for me, so of course this is the day on which it would fall.  Tuesdays make me dread the next 24 hours, and Thursdays cause me to celebrate surviving.

Why?  Why is Wednesday so awful?  Because it’s my busiest day, and it’s smack dab in the middle of the week.  I start and finish the week with a rather mild schedule, but it peaks right in the middle.  Talk about “hump day”.

If February can have 29 days, I can have an upside down picture of myself with no color. Sounds fair to me. (click to see larger)The only bit of comfort that my Wednesday work day offers is that I have a break in the middle to have lunch.  Before and after, it’s crammed full of lessons that aren’t the easiest to teach.  My mind gets exhausted, my stomach stays hungry, and my feet get tired.

Unfortunately, my lunch was taken from me yesterday.  A big bully beat me up and ran off with my brown bag.  Okay, that part just isn’t true.  My physical lunch wasn’t taken, just the time when I would stuff my face and turn off my brain for a few minutes.  I had to substitute teach during my break time, so the day became one long string of exhaustion.  These things wouldn’t be so bad if I could plan ahead for them…

I may not have a "smart phone", but it's smart enough to know this month had an extra day. (click to see larger)You see, the Hungarian school system doesn’t have professional substitute teachers.  If a normal teacher is sick, a simple phone call doesn’t send a temporary replacement.  The responsibility falls on whatever teacher happens to have free time when someone is needed.  Even if that person was counting on this time to do something else like plan lessons or eat lunch.

By the end of the day, I was fried out.  Thinking so deeply about my own language causes me to not be able to create sentences.  At least, sentences that make any sense.  I had dinner with some other Americans last night, and we had arguments about very simple grammatical mistakes that we were making, and we eventually gave up.  We were too tired to fix the problems, and admitting defeat sounded much more relaxing.  So we did.

Finally, March has come.  Farewell pretend day – I’ll see you in 2016.  You imposter…

 Yes, Budapest has a T.G.I. Fridays. Right now I'm just saying T.G.I. it's almost Friday. (click to see larger)

Hungarian word of the day:


This word is pronounced ”Feb – roo – are”, and it means February.  Pretty simple, isn’t it?