The Icy Blue Danube

Gellért Hill above the icy Danube. (click to see larger)I spent months waiting for the cold and snow to come.  It finally did.  The past month has seen a short ice age cross Europe, and I’m quite possibly the only one who enjoyed it.

Problems and complaints seemed to be the majority of the weather conversations, not the excitement and joy that I tried to express.  I know that it’s cold and slippery, but snow just makes everything look so neat!  Besides, being too cold isn’t any worse than being too hot.  At least you can always put on another coat.

Not wanting to venture outside any longer than I had to, I was avoiding going near the river.  The Danube is beautiful, but it’s wide and the banks don’t offer much shelter from the cold.  I hadn’t seen it for a while until I heard there was ice on it, and then I knew I had to see it for myself.

The menacing ice! (click to see larger)I put on about a thousand shirts, some gloves, a big scarf, and my warmest coat.  It kept me warm enough until  I walked out onto a bridge right at sunset.  The cold night air over the river destroyed me while I took some pictures, but it was worth it.

The river is so wide that it’s quite a thing to see, but it’s even better when full of giant ice cubes.  I’ll be wishing for that when the summer heat swarms in again.

Looking through the bridge at the river. (click to see larger)Anyway, I have a point with all of this.  I had been thinking about this as an awesome experience, but a news website didn’t quite agree with me.  Belgrade is downriver from here, and it seems the ice made it there too.  But, I was a little more threatening and started sinking boats and destroying things!

The veiw of the castle. (click to see larger)Check out these articles and pictures if you don’t believe me:

So it sucks for the Belgradians, but I still think it was a pretty cool thing to witness.  And if you’re reading this from a sunken boat in the Serbian capital, um, sorry about that…  You should talk to the Slovakians, I heard they were the ones who made the ice.

 I was cold, but it was worth it! (click to see larger)

Hungarian word of the day:


This word is pronounced “yay-g” (rhymes with egg), and it means ice.  Seems appropriate.