I Need Your Help!

It's not a horse race, but I want to win. Please help!I like telling my stories, that much is obvious.  But, I also appreciate a little recognition.  Who doesn’t?

Recently, I was contacted by an expat blogging website who complimented me on my work.  They even went so far as to suggest that I’m in the running for one of their yearly awards!

This leads me to ask you, my faithful readers, for a little bit of help.  Go to my information on their website and leave a nice comment about how much you love my blog!

Here’s the link:


The more comments I have, the better I look!

Thanks in advance.  This will help me keep up my motivation of writing and adding new information here.


Hungarian word of the day:


This word is pronounced “Vurh-shen,” and it means contest or competition (according to my dictionary).