On Next Year - Budapest Or Bust

Bridges, like this one, will be in my future. (click to see larger)When I first moved to Békéscsaba, everyone wanted to know how long I would stay there.  Actually, when I had simply decided to go there, everyone wanted to know how long I was going for.  The tricky part was that I didn't have an answer.

As the year progressed, I became faced with making decisions about the next year.  I even talked about it on here, looking for advice and encouragement.  I was given a lot of help that I'm very appreciative of, but I never explained how it ended up.

I had come to the decision that I wanted to stay in Hungary, but not in Békéscsaba.  I loved my job and it was a nice place, but my two biggest goals right now are to travel a lot and live in a big city.  This town didn't do a good job of offering either one.  It was too small, and I pretty much always had to take a train to Budapest in order to travel anywhere.

These quiet streets were nice, but I'd like more excitement. (click to see larger)Also, it was difficult to make friends in Békéscsaba.  Most people didn't speak English (with the exception of my students who I tried to keep out of my social life).  Plus, there didn't seem to be many people my age.  It appears that most kids finish secondary school and head off to a university.  They don't come back until they're older.  Ironically, as it always seems to happen when you decide to move, my last few weeks saw me getting pretty close with a certain Hungarian girl my age.  Fortunately, Budapest is a second home for her, so I luck isn't completely against me.

All things considered, I decided it was Budapest or bust.  I had to make the decision to leave my current job before I would know if I had a new one.  That seemed a little scary and risky, but so did moving to Hungary in the first place.

There was a lot of confusion (involving some breaks in communication), but I found out a few weeks ago that I have a definite job in Budapest.  I'll again be teaching at a high school, and I'm really looking forward to it.  I'm going to miss my old job and stomping grounds, but now I have a lot more exploring to do.

Being back in Colorado for a visit, many of my friends are finding out this news.  The first question tends to be something along the lines of "So are you going to be staying over there for the long term?"  
To answer that, no.

I can even do my shopping in a place like this. (click to see larger)I'll be in Hungary for one more year (at least), and I'll make the decision for the following time when I have to.  Maybe I'll stay in Hungary/Europe longer, maybe I'll go to a different part of the world, or maybe I'll go home.  I fully intend to return to America someday, but I want to get my desires to live and travel in foreign countries out of my system.  I believe there'll be a day when I'll just snap and know it's time to return to my country for good.  When will this be?  I have no idea.  It's a safe bet that it will be on a hot day that doesn't involve ice cubes.

To sum up, I have another year in Hungary, but I'm moving to Budapest.  Not only will I continue to learn about the Hungarians and their culture, but now I'll be able to compare life in the country to life in the capital.  I'll still spend my days teaching and learning with high school kids.  I'm sure I'll continue to spend the majority of my time confused, and I hope you'll keep reading along so we can both laugh at my mishaps.

American phrase of the day:

Good Luck

Keeping with my trend of using English words while I'm in America, I'll use this very common phrase.  Why?  Two reasons.  First, I hope it's what people will wish me for next year.  Second, I don't know how to say it in Hungarian, but I'd like to.  I hope someone will enlighten me.