Highlights Of The Békéscsaba Beer Festival

You could order a beer inside a big tent like this... (click to see larger)I would tell you that the beer fest was a success, but I think that goes without saying.  I’m pretty sure it’s hard for a festival to not be great, and beer is rarely a bad thing.  Therefore, beer + festival = super time.

Here are some highlights:


There was  a lot of it, and the price varied quite a bit.  I started by drinking awesome Belgian brews, but I switched away from that when I decided I shouldn’t spend my monthly paycheck in one day.  Fortunately, there were plenty of cheaper alternatives.


There were stages set up and most of the bands were pretty good (including one with some of my students, but that’s another story).  I had a few American visitors who tried to talk me into passing up the concerts because they were singing in Hungarian, but I finally put a stop to that.  I thought the point of music is that the language doesn’t matter?  I had to make fun of them for that.

...but there were many tables outside where you could drink it. (click to see larger)The best part, though, was that I could hear the music from my apartment.  It’s pretty far, so I could just barely make it out – it’s not like it was rattling my windows.  It was perfect, it didn’t bother me when I was at home, but I always knew if there was a concert going on.


It was expensive, but it was delicious.  My first meal was a giant pork knuckle that I split with a friend.  The only problem was that it was so salty that beer couldn’t even help.  It made my tongue burn.  With it, we all split a side of fries that were really, really, really good.  I wish I had some right now.

My second meal was a gyros plate.  It was very filling and had a wide range of different foods – including some of the awesome fries from the first meal.

The third meal was my favorite.  It was a giant Hungarian sausage, complete with mustard and bread.  Sometimes you can’t go wrong with the simplest sounding meals.  Plus, these Hungarians really know how to make sausage.

The salty pork knuckle was big and the guy sliced it so it was easier to eat. (click to see larger)Weather

It wasn’t hot and it wasn’t cold.  It didn’t rain and I didn’t get sunburned.  In other words, it was perfect.


I’ve lived here long enough to know half of the county.  I think all of the county was at the festival, so you can do the math to realize I wasn’t lonely.  One cool fact is that the festival was right after I finished teaching for the year, so I was no longer the teacher of all my students.  This means I didn’t have to worry about them making fun of me on Monday morning if I drank too much beer.  It’s much easier that way!


There’s more to write about, but I’m tired and I need my sleep.  I’ll catch up on all of the rest of my stories soon, though, because I have some good ones.


The main stage at night. (click to see larger)Hungarian word of the day:


Pronounced ZEN-eh, and it means “music”.  I have to turn my music on again.  It was nice when I could just open my window.