Transylvania Map

I think I've finally finished with all of the worthwhile Transylvania stories.  If I remember any more, I'll tell you about them later.  If you're sick of them, you should have some pálinka to celebrate.  If you're really enjoying them, I guess you'll have to drown your sorrows with some pálinka.

I told you bits and pieces about where I went, but that didn't seem good enough, so I'm trying something new.  Here's a cool, interactive map of the route that I took.  It doesn't show the holes in the roads, but I still think it's pretty handy.

If I've convinced you to visit Erdély (for those of you who haven't been paying attention, that's the Hungarian name for Transylvania), don't bother getting a guidebook.  You can ask me where to go because I'm now an expert tour guide.  I can lead you to Gypsy palaces, tasty moonshine, and lots of dancing. 

Just remember to bring some wooden stakes.  You never know who we might run in to...


Hungarian word of the day:


Pronounced TARE-cape, and it means "map".  That'll be useful if you don't have me as your tour guide and get lost.