Vampires Work In Mysterious Ways

(click to see larger)When one adventure disappears, another one is happy to step in and take its place.  Last weekend, I was supposed to go somewhere, anywhere, but I got sick and stayed home.  It really made me sad, but something good came out of it.

Out of a string of forgetfulness and miscommunication, I was pleasantly surprised to find out I’ll spend this weekend in Transylvania.

Usually when I travel, I go about it the adventurous way.  I plan where I’m going (maybe), who I’m going with (maybe), when I’m going (maybe), and how I’ll get there (maybe).  That all adds up to a string “maybes” where I usually don’t plan much at all.  I throw stuff in my backpack, grab a guidebook and some beer, and head to the train station.

What’s the result of a trip like this?  Lots of fun and excitement!  I usually struggle home, bloody and exhausted, many days later and mere hours before I have to be at work.

I love traveling that way, but occasionally I’m up for a trip like I’m about to take – planned by someone else and a bus to take me everywhere.  Although I absolutely hate buses, it is pretty nice when there’s one constantly around to make sure you get where you have to go.

This trip is organized by the teaching group that helped me find my job here, and if you remember, it was unsuccessfully attempted last fall.  I was accidentally left off the email list this time around, so I didn’t know anything about it until last week.  Fortunately, this puts it a little closer to my standard trip, so I’m pretty comfortable with it.

Even though it’ll be a guided trip, I don’t anticipate a shortage of stories.  It’s going to be a trek deep into Hungarian Transylvania, a place that’s not easy to get to unless you’re a Hungarian Transylvanian.  I’m not, so I don’t have lot of opportunities at this – nor do many others.

Transylvania is a place that I’ve tried, and failed, to get to many times before I finally had a brief visit last November.  I was blown away by how awesome it was then, and I can’t wait to see more of it.

One thing I’ll never get over is the Hungarian attitude of the region as compared the views that my American countrymen have.  In most other places, Transylvania is known for one thing – being the home of Count Dracula.  This week, every time I’ve told someone that I’m going there, they don’t respond with “bring garlic and holy water”, instead, they say “ooh, that’s a really pretty place, you’ll love it!”  It cracks me up.

Not in Transylvania (down the street from me), but I expect to see a lot of this sort of thing. (click to see larger)The best news is that I don’t have to work Friday through Wednesday, and I’m only taking one day off!  The week after the long holiday for Easter, the unlucky seniors have to take their final exams.  This means that everyone else in the school gets to stay home on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  Or, in my case, stay in Dracula’s home.

If I have any opportunity to write something here, I will.  But, don’t be alarmed if you don’t hear from me until next Thursday.  Please do me a favor, though.  If, upon my return, all of my entries here are written at night, come drive a stake through my heart.  If I don’t return, well, stay home and save yourself…


Hungarian word of the day:


Pronounced Tash-kaw, and it means “bag”.  You know, kind of like the one I should be packing right now.