The Easter Lizard

A fearless cat. (click to see larger)I went searching for the Easter Bunny.  It seemed logical, I mean, give me one good reason why the Easter Bunny wouldn’t live in Hungary.  It’s flat.  There are carrots at the grocery store.  Um… Hungarians celebrate Easter.  Those were all of the reasons I needed.

Being Easter Sunday, nearly everything was closed.  I noticed a trend of the businesses that were open:  ice cream stands and bars.  Apparently the happy townsfolk only require these two staples on this day.  I challenge you to think of two things that you would rather have than ice cream and beer.  You can’t think of anything, can you?

Throughout my journey, I saw a number of different animals.  There was a black cat that showed no fear.  He walked straight towards me like I was the one who would run away.  It worked, I hustled out of there.  Everyone should fear a black cat who looks like he means business.

Also, there were a lot of birds.  I don’t just mean pigeons - although my head did have to dodge some of their poop – there were pretty birds.  There’s one breed that is medium-sized, and they’re black with a bright orange beak.  I’ve seen quite a few of them, and I really like them, but they evade my camera like it’s a gunThe cool bird. (click to see larger).  Today, there was one bird that was much more colorful.  I followed him around for a while because he seemed to walk everywhere.  Strange for a bird, maybe he forgot he can fly…

A dog barked at me, but he was behind a fence and it really wasn’t exciting.

Next, I saw an old white Corvette.  I know that it’s not an animal, but it’s a really cool car and they’re extremely rare here.  I tried to take a picture of it, but, well, it was a Corvette.  The picture was of its taillights as it zipped away.

Finally, I saw what I’d been searching for…almost.  It’s what I’d like to call the Easter Lizard.  He was a very cool, very fat lizard that was sitting on a little stump right next to the sidewalk.  Between the wood, the grass, and the dirt, he was perfectly camouflaged.  Other people walked right next to him without noticing.  I took a few pictures of him, and he happily posed for the camera. 

Cool Corvette! (click to see larger)Suddenly, and unfortunately, there was a guy digging through the dumpster behind me.  He made a loud noise which startled me, and I turned around to see what it was.  When I looked back, the lizard was mysteriously gone.  He either went down into his hole, or he snuck off to find some Easter eggs – probably the latter.

I never did find the Easter Bunny, but that doesn’t mean I’ve changed my mind about him living in Hungary.  He was busy today, I’ll just have to go look for him later.  Until then, I’ll be satisfied with the new “Easter Lizard”.  Look for chocolate lizards in the store next April.  They’ll be delicious.

The Easter Lizard. (click to see larger)On another note, Easter is a big deal in Hungary.  The traditional “sprinkling of the girls” takes place tomorrow, and this is something I really wanted to learn more about.  I’ll try to write something about that tomorrow.


Hungarian word of the day:


Pronounced ”hoosh – vait (rhymes with weight)”.  This means Easter.