Things That Go "Dump" In The Night

3:15 AM:  I hear the roar of an engine and the beeping of a truck in reverse.

That’s unique.  Why would a big truck drive around at this hour on a snowy Saturday night?  I tried to ignore it, but my curiosity – and the noise – got the best of me.

I shivered over to the window and pushed the curtains aside to find quite a surprise.  My guess had been that it was a grocery store truck going to the warehouse across the street.  Wrong.

It was a construction machine.

The driver was obviously crazy, and he was just going to town on the snow.  He had evidently decided it was time to shovel the entire town, and a snow plow just wouldn’t do – too old-fashioned.  It was time for a new strategy.

His front wheels could move one direction while the back ones went the other, so he could spin around incredibly quickly.  He would scoop up some snow, whirl around the other direction, shoot off to one of his chosen dump sites, and drop the snow.  Then he would repeat at rocket speed.

This street was narrow and icy.  There were a lot of cars parked on it, and quite a few were driving by.  None of this bothered him.  This fearless man had decided that nothing would get in the way of him and his work.

Not believing what I was seeing, I tried to take some pictures.  They didn’t come out very well because it was dark, I was half-asleep (and freezing), and he wouldn’t sit still long enough to focus.  I wanted to use the flash, but, well, I was terrified of this man.  If he saw the light and knew I was taking his picture, he might very well drive up the wall and come right through my window.

I went back to sleep and thought about how happy I was that I was warm in my bed and not out shoveling snow. 

5:20 AM:  I wake up and hear the man still driving around out there.

He just moved so fast!To make sure it’s the same person (and I’m not the crazy one), I got up to investigate.  It was.  But the street is pretty small and there wasn’t much snow.  What was he doing for two hours?  Shoveling the whole county and putting it outside my apartment?

He should be proud.  This happened last weekend, and all of the snow has melted since then.  All of the snow, that is, except for his piles.  They’re still out there, black and dirty.


Hungarian word of the day:


Pronounced Hoe-ehk-eh.  It means “snow plow”.  The way that, up until now, I thought was the most efficient way to clear snow.