There's Always A Catch

A massive church, and it's still under construction (click to see larger).There’s Always A Catch

I had a four day weekend last weekend.  I was graciously given an extra day so I could make the trip I really wanted to go on.  I had a five day weekend last weekend.

Tomorrow, Saturday, is a school day.

I have a one day weekend this weekend.

My energy is still zapped from my trip, but I’ll try to get it together tomorrow to tell some stories and share some pictures.  Until then, here are some photos of Saint Sava, the second biggest Eastern Orthodox Church in the world.

They were still building it, and it was freezing inside.  No joke, it was so cold that you could see your breath.  I was walking in short sleeves in the sunshine, but I had to throw on my jacket to go inside.

It’s obvious where I’ll go if the summer heat becomes too much for me…


See the moon? (click to see larger)Hungarian word of the day:


This word that means “friend” is pronounced very similar to Borat, the popular TV and movie character.  I was very happy to learn that!