Life Or Death Decision

This is a pretty town.Alright, my title is overdramatic.  This isn’t really a life or death decision.  At least I hope it isn’t.  You will tell me if you know something I don’t, right?

Anyway, I am facing an important decision.  Fortunately it wasn’t unexpected, and I’m an Eagle Scout, so I knew to be prepared.  I’ve been thinking about it for months.  That doesn’t make it easier, though.

What do I do next year?

My teaching contract runs for a school year, so it ends in June.  As you may or may not know, I found the job through an organization that matches teachers with schools in Hungary.  In order to make their job easier, they want current teachers (like me) to commit to a second year by the end of February.

It’s a reasonable request, but it makes my decision that much more difficult.

I like Hungary.  A lot.  I would like to stay here for at least another year.  However, I really like big cities and  Békéscsaba is not one.  I’m 24 years old and I want to travel the world and live it up while I’m young, single, and don’t have the responsibilities of a family.  This makes it very, very hard to justify staying in this town – even if I absolutely love my job. 

My goals and instincts tell me to move to a big city.  I now have a passion for the people, language, and culture of Hungary that makes me want to stay in this country.  By my standards, there’s only one big city in Hungary – Budapest.  It sounds like an easy, obvious solution – get a job in the city and move there.

Unfortunately, it’s not that easy.

I’ll have to commit to staying or leaving my current school before I can find out if this same organization can get find me a job in Budapest.  If they can’t (which is quite possible), I’ll have to find one on my own.  I think this can be done, but there’s always a risk that it won’t happen.

Now is where I’d like your opinion, my faithful readers.  What do I do?

Stay in the town I don’t like because I enjoy my job?  I’ll be in the culture I like, but I won’t have big city excitement or easy access to adventuresome travel.

Leave Hungary and start trying to understand some other culture that’s foreign to me.  I’m just beginning to scratch the surface of Hungary and the Hungarians, so this isn’t that attractive.  However, there are a lot of exciting cities in the world that would offer new possibilities and cultures that I can’t even imagine.

Or, the third possibility.  The one I’m leaning towards.  Bet it all on Budapest.  Budapest or bust.  I can give up my enjoyable job in my comfortable surroundings and head to the big city.  If the teaching organization can’t find me a job there I’ll have to find one on my own.  If I can’t find one on my own, well…  I don’t know…  I’ll figure something out?

I’m not ready to go home to the United States.  Someday I will, but living abroad causes me to learn more.  I learn what I like and what I don’t like about my own country by comparing it to what I like and don’t like about my adopted country.

This affects you too.  Next year I’ll write about wherever I am.  Where should that be?


Hungarian phrase of the day:

Nem értem

Pronounced NEHM – air – tem (rhymes with them).  This means “I don’t understand”.  It was said about 1,000,000 times between my friend and I the other day when we were teaching each other English and Hungarian.