A Fatal Bus Accident In The Snow

Imagine a man who’s late for work.  He’s still in his apartment, and he throws on his coat, but doesn’t get it properly adjusted or buttoned.  A backpack gets slung over one shoulder, and anyone walking behind him will notice that it’s wide open – leaving its contents open to the elements.

This man has books and papers under each arm, and a food-filled shopping bag hanging from his mouth.  He manages to get out the door, dash down the stairs, and step out in the street.

Then he gets run over by a bus.

That’s what happened to me last week.

Except for the bus, that was a metaphor for snow.

I’d noticed that my bedroom was colder than normal, but I thought it was my body just complaining because it was sick and wanted to stay in bed.  I didn’t open the curtains because there just wasn’t time.

There was already a layer of snow on the ground, and it continued to fall for two days.  Before seeing this, I can speak for most people here when I say we thought winter was over and spring was beginning.  It had been warm and uncommonly sunny for the past week or two.

On the other hand, I can’t speak for most people when I say I was pretty excited about it.  I really like the winter and snow.  In fact, if it’s cold, I demand snow.  Why should I shiver and not be able to hit people with snowballs?

Anyway, most of the snow is now melted.  It had the help of a crazy man who I’ll tell you about tomorrow.  The temperature is up to 1 degree, but I’m still feeling a little chilly with my illness.

I spent most of the last week alternating between my classroom and my bed, and that’s why I haven’t written much here.  During my weakened state, I wasn’t cooking much.  This caused a bit of a moldy-fruit-that-I-didn’t-notice-until-it-was-too-late incident.  I recommend you stay out of my kitchen.

I’m feeling quite a bit better, so this website should be back to its regularly scheduled programming.

Unless I get hit by that bus.


Hungarian Word of the Day:

Autóbusz -or- Busz

Pronounced Owoh-two-boo-s or Boo-s.  Quite shockingly, it means bus.  How do you say “I hope it doesn’t run me over?”.  Nem tudom – I don’t know.