Job Offer - Extremely High Paycheck


I don't mind teaching extra lessons, who wants to go out in this weather anyway?A person who can work under pressure.

This position will require you to be able to plan a 45 minute meeting with less than ten minutes notice.  The other participants will not want to be there, but you must keep them involved.  You may be asked to work when you weren’t expecting to, so you must have a flexible schedule.

Ability to function in a foreign environment is a plus.  All other employees of the company speak a different language.  Some will be able to communicate with you, and others won’t.  They will all seem to know what’s going on and forget that you don’t.

You will have to be resourceful and able to figure things out with minimal guidance.  Your job will directly affect the lives and futures of around 200 people.

The pay is competitive with that of Hollywood movie stars, professional athletes, and CEOs of major corporations.


This is not a real job advertisement – at least that I’ve found.  If you see it somewhere, I have to ask that you mail it to me immediately.

With the exception of the pay, this describes my job as an American teaching English in Hungary.

It’s not always easy, and it’s often frustrating.  Sometimes it’s hectic, and it’s usually confusing.  The worst part is when I have to be harsh and punish a student for not doing an assignment or misbehaving.

On the other hand, it’s almost always exciting and there are tons of challenges.  I’m forming interesting and rewarding relationships with people who I would have otherwise never met.  The title of this blog is “Hungary is Alex’s Classroom” because I’m a teacher, but sometimes I’m the one who does all the learning.

If a future job ever wants to know what my teaching job was like and what I got out of it, I can start with the points from the advertisement above.  I won’t have a shortage of things to talk about.

Oh, one more thing.  A sense of humor is absolutely necessary.  It’s important to laugh – not cry – when someone asks you to teach an extra lesson...immediately.  Who needs lesson plans?  I’ve perfected my “winging it” skills.


Hungarian word of the day (a mai nap szava):


Pronounced Fee-nome.  It means delicious, and it’s the word to use when someone gives you something very tasty.  Soon I’ll tell the story of the incredible Gulyás soup that I had this weekend.  And no, it didn’t come out of the packet in the picture – it was much better than that.