Let It Snow... Please

The foggy train tracks. I bet the people working there were happy that it wasn't snowing. (click to see larger)Maybe I spoke too soon, or maybe my blog can control the weather.  Thursday night, I complained there was no snow, and on Friday I got snowed on.  What an awesome coincidence!

It wasn’t the blizzard that I was hoping for, but there were some flakes.  The air was cold and moist all day (and all weekend, really), and fog was everywhere.  Even when it wasn’t snowing, it kind of gave the appearance that it was.

My school has two buildings, and they are right across the street from each other.  I teach most of my classes in one of them, but I occasionally have to make the trek across the street to the other.  Since I leave me jacket at my desk in the first building, this little journey can be pretty cold.

Unfortunately, I seemed to have to go back and forth about fifty times on Friday.  The first time, I felt like I was walking through a freezer, because not only was it cold, but I could feel the humidity on my face.  It was kind of like drinking a cold glass of water while going to work.  That, in itself, was great.

There isn't snow on the field, but I still bet the cold weather took the fun out of playing on it. (click to see larger)During one of these little crossings, I noticed something incredible.  That thick, cold air had small little white chunks floating through it.  They were so small that you could barely see them.  As a matter of fact, you couldn’t see them out of the window, so the kids didn’t believe me when I got to the classroom and told them.

All day, I was excited and hoping that more would come so we would have real snow.  I kept looking out the window and peering excitedly into the fog.  Nothing.  Fog, cold, occasional small flakes, and a snow free ground.

Finally, as I was leaving school, some of the students excitedly called to me to tell me it was snowing.  I walked over to them with a big smile on my face.  They knew that the flakes weren’t much, so they were trying to break that bad news gently.  I didn’t let them spoil my fun, though, I scraped a few flakes off of a metal railing, made the world’s smallest snowball, and threw it at one of them.

This story doesn’t have a very exciting conclusion.  It was just more of the same.  But, I was walking around the city center late on Friday night, and many of the cars had snow on their windshields.  Call me an optimist, but I’m counting that as the first snowy night of the year… even though it really wasn’t.

 Maybe I'll just hop on a train and head to some snowy mountains. It's very tempting... (click to see larger)

Hungarian word of the day:

Pronounced just like Santa’s famous Ho-ho-ho, this is the word for snow.  I guess he’s just running around talking about snow all the time.  He and I have something in common, maybe we can talk about that when I see him in a few days.  Whoops, I’m getting ahead of myself…