Who Turned Out The Lights?

Night pictures can be blurry and fuzzy, even if it's a nice scene. (click to see larger)It’s no secret that I like taking pictures, this website is full of them.  Unfortunately, nature is conspiring against me to try and take away this hobby.  Do you think I’m stronger than Mother Nature?

The same thing happened last year.  It gets dark earlier and earlier every day, until finally there seems to be more night than day.  The sky is completely dark by about 5:00 in the evening, and this doesn’t make taking pictures easier.  I like nighttime pictures - I like them a lot - but they’re not easy or quick to do.

Plus, it’s cold.  Some days it’s really, really cold, and other days it’s just kind of cold.  I’m not a weather man, so I’m not going to try give temperature examples.  Trying to switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius has caused me to never really understand what temperature it is right now.  I simply measure in “hot”, “warm”, and “cold”.  If you don’t like it, send me a thermometer.

Blurry, blurry, blurry. Okay, I did it on purpose to make a point about blurry pictures. Recognize the bridge? (click to see larger)Another thing that’s getting me is the snow.  Or, more specifically, the lack of it.  Talking to my friends and family at home, I’ve heard that Colorado has already had a few storms.  Hungary, well, hasn’t.  The other morning, it was snowing outside of the classroom for a good 5 minutes!  I was more excited than the kids.  The other teachers were complaining that the students were too excited and weren’t paying attention, so they must have different priorities than I do.

I saw snow one other time.  It was a few days after the first flakes, and one of the other teachers told me that it had been snowing at this big mall/metro stop near the school.  She said there wasn’t much, but people have become so accustomed to not seeing any that they were freaking out.  I was sorry I missed it, I would love to see a bunch of half-asleep Hungarians panicking over one inch of snow.  Luckily, I stopped by that place later that night, and there was still a little left on the ground.  I didn’t get off the bus to make a snowball, but I certainly thought about it.

Sometimes pictures of bright lights when it's dark make it look like the city's on fire. It's cool, but alarming. (click to see larger)The whole point of this is that the Hungarian winters are dark and cold.  Some people don’t like that, but I’m okay with it.  I have red hair and pale skin, so I don’t get sunburned when I’m wearing a jacket.  Winter is awesome.

I’ll figure out a way to start taking more pictures, after all, there are plenty of winter related things that I need to share with you.  But, I just need to figure out how to get out to the pretty places before four o’clock when I only finish work at three.

Additionally, I need to figure out a better temperature monitoring system.  When my “Alex Thermometer” always just says “cold”, it’s hard to know how warm to dress.

 Sometimes the pictures come out exactly the way I want them to, and these are the times when I love the night. (click to see larger)

Hungarian word of the day:


It’s pronounced He-degg (egg with a D at the front), and it means cold.  So, being in Hungary and all, I guess my Alex Thermometer technically says hideg.