Cockta – Tuesday FoodDay

Right away, I’ll make it clear that Tuesday FoodDay can and will include drinks.  Therefore, for my second edition of Tuesday FoodDay, I bring you a Slovenian drink that I learned about in Serbia.  How’s that for confusing?  When I visited Belgrade last March, I met some Slovenian kids and hung out with them.  They were really excited when they saw this drink in a restaurant and forced me to try it.  I forgot about it until I went back to Slovenia a few weeks ago.

It tasted much better when I was in Serbia, but maybe that’s because I built it up in mind.  It’s “similar” to Coca-Cola, but not really.  It kind of tastes like carbonated prune juice that resembles Coke.

I brought one and only one home with me, when should I drink it? (click to see larger)According to Rick Steves’ guide book, it was developed during the communist times.  Coca-Cola was nearly impossible to get, so they tried to make a substitution that people could have.  This was their result.  Not surprisingly, it virtually disappeared once Coke became readily available, and didn’t make a return until recently.  They used some sort of “taste the drink of your youth” ad campaign, and it’s now back on the shelves.

You can find it at just about any store in Slovenia, but the only other country I’ve seen it in is Serbia (not that I’ve always been looking).  Try it if you ever have the opportunity.  If you hate the first sip, have a few more.  It gets better as you work through it.

I really do recommend it.  Even if you only have one bottle in your entire life, you should experience it just that once.


Slovenian word of the day:


I have no idea how it's pronounced (since I don't really know any Slovenian), but it means “drink''.  I learned it thanks to a handy translator, though, so I only think that it's the right word.