It's How You Say It

How long does it take to learn a language?  That depends on quite a few factors.

How long does it take to forget a language?  Same answer.

How long does it take to mistake one language for another?  Apparently, about four months in a foreign country and then a week back where you came from.

I’ve spent a fair amount of time in Europe, and I’ve become used to being in places where I don’t speak the language.  It’s really not very upsetting to walk down the street and hear people using words you don’t know.  After a while, it doesn’t even seem weird to hear other people in stores or restaurants speaking something else.  So what if you can’t ask for the right size or know what you’re eating?

This, however, is the biggest difference I’ve noticed since being back in Hungary.  My short time away seems to have put me back in a one language mindset.  I’ve found myself staring at people as I walk down the street thinking, “what are they saying?”.

The funniest part is that Hungarian is starting to sound like English.  I’ve heard multiple conversations the past few days where I couldn’t clearly hear the words, but they sounded like English.  I’m sure they weren’t.  I’m probably just subliminally learning Hungarian so well that it sounds like my native language.  Awesome.

Hungarian word of the day:


Pronounced Sir-doh.  It means Wednesday.  It’s only Wendesday.  I would do anything for it to be Friday right now.