I Don't Know, Again

I don’t know what’s going on.  Not an unusual problem, but it’s worse than normal because my body doesn’t understand what time zone it’s in.

My understanding of the school schedule was that there are two weeks left of the term after the Christmas break.  That meant that it wouldn’t be too big of a deal when I returned, exhausted, on Sunday night.

There may still be two weeks left of the term.  Or there may not.  I don’t know what’s going on.  My schedule’s in Hungarian (if only I had a Forint for every time I said this).

All the other teachers seem to want the “marks” for all my students - immediately.  I have to put that word in quotes because, as I’ve mentioned before, everyone at my school knows “grades” as “marks”.  I picked that up pretty quickly, but I often forget to say it.  Therefore, I start talking about “grades” and I get angry because I’m being ignored.  One of these days I’m going to lose it on someone, and then realize I was using a word they don’t know.  I think I’ll break into the school one night, find every single English – Hungarian dictionary, and change a certain word…

Anyway, I have to get these “marks” together two weeks earlier than I expected.  Not only am I fighting exhaustion and a poor sleep schedule, but I have the computers to deal with.

Ah yes, the computers.  Many of my American colleagues at other schools have complained of updating the “Naplo”.  This is a small grade book that each student has.  It contains all sorts of things and is very important.  Therefore, these other teachers seem to have been threatened with death not to mess them up.

Suckers.  My school’s high-tech,  so mine’s on a computer.  If I make a mistake I can just hit backspace.

Only one problem, the program is in Hungarian.  All of it.  There’s a lot of clicking, guessing, and hoping when I work with it.  I can always ask the other teachers for help, but by some sort of humorous divine intervention, there are only non-English speaking teachers in the room when I need help.  At least I haven’t been struck by lightning – although my adaptor did melt.

Progress is being made, though, so my students will soon have their “marks”.  Maybe.

Maybe one day I’ll figure it all out.  Maybe.

Hungarian word of the day:

Hungarian Forint

This is a little different from my usual word because it’s the currency of the country.  I just mentioned it and realized that not everyone knows that.  Even people who do know it commonly mistake it for a “Florin” or something.  There’s no L.  If it’s not yet important to you, it will be when you come to Hungary.  Not sure if you ever will come to Hungary?  I think you will, I’ll convince you.