The Definition Of Simple

Hungarian word of the day:


Pronounced EDj-ser-uuu.  Kind of.  It means ”simple”.  But it’s not.

I’m working backwards today.  Instead of putting my word of the day at the end, it’s at the beginning.  This, I think, would please the Hungarians because they do many things  ”backwards”.

For example, names are said the opposite way as in most other places.  They are put in the order of Last Name First Name.  I’ve mentioned this before.  It still really throws me off, but I’m beginning to like it.  Except I can’t always remember what my name is.

Also, the dates are in a different order.  In the United States, dates are ordered Month, Day, Year.  In much of Europe they’re listed Day, Month, Year.  Obviously, the Hungarians choose to write it Year, Month, Day.

This is why I like it here.  I wonder if I could get away wearing my shirt inside out or backwards?  I think I’ll try that tomorrow.

Anyway, egyszerű cracked me up.  It means simple, but it contains two tricky sounds in it.  The GY is very hard to pronounce for English speakers, and the ű is no cake walk either.  I find it ironic that simple is complex.