My Secret Weapon

What do I think of Hungary?  I think it is:


Last week I said I had a new “secret weapon”.  This is true, and it should no longer be a secret.  For Christmas, I received a fancy new camera.  I’m really excited to use and take a lot of pictures of this country to share here. 

Also, I would like to talk about the pessimistic Hungarian outlook on life.  Not long after arriving here, I wrote about my experiences at my teacher orientation.  Even though I was locked in a 900 degree room, my brain was capable of retaining one piece of information.  Pessimism.

We were told, over and over, that the Hungarian people are not optimists.  They always see the negative aspect in things instead of the positive.  After some observation, it seemed to be true.  Judging by the way people acted, I believed that either everyone’s dog had just died, or they were generally pessimistic.

Over more time, I still believed this to be the case.  Everyone doesn’t always seem like they’re depressed and hate their life, but conversations can turn negative very quickly.  Many people seem to enjoy talking about sad things.

However, my opinion has changed – at least slightly.  An assignment that I gave to many of my students was about a happy memory that they have.   One of the questions asked, “Is this your happiest memory and do you think it always will be?”

The answer surprised me.  Nearly all of them said that it was their happiest now, but they think they will have many better ones throughout their life.  It was a very wise, non-pessimist answer.

This brightened my day a little bit.  Too bad I had to ruin the moment by putting big red X’s through misspelled words.  Oh well, that’s why people don’t like teachers.


Hungarian word of the day:


This long mess of a word means “camera” (I think).  I’m not sure how to pronounce it since I only looked it up in the dictionary.  My best guess is Fain - cape - ezz – [I can barely say this sound, much less write it] - gape.