Tomorrow's the Big Day

School starts tomorrow!  Plus, I don't have to teach any classes, so I don't have anything to be stressed out about.  I just have to dress nicely and get up early.  I'm over my jet lag, but I'm still having trouble being on a schedule because of my time in the hostel and the noisy nights I've been living through in my apartment.

Today I went to the school for the teachers meeting.  I wasn't required to go because it was all in Hungarian and I didn't understand a word, but I thought it would be a good idea (especially since I didn't have anything elses to do).  It turned out to be very worth it because I met most of the other teachers and was given an introduction when everyone was together in the room.  Now no one will yell at me in Hungarian for not having a hall pass.

I was going to have more meetings at the school to figure out my schedule and everything, but everyone's very busy right now.  Supposedly tomorrow I'll find out more, but I'm having a good time just going with the flow and trying to figure out my life until they have time to figure out what they want me to do.

I did a lot of exploring today and saw some more really cool places.  I can't really remember where, because the days are starting to blend together, but I covered some distance.  There are a whole bunch of cool looking bars and restaurants, and I keep finding more which makes me even more motivated to make some friends so I can go enjoy them.  Today I had some sort of hot dog baked into bread at a bakery, a cup of espresso at a really cool little cafe, a pizza (that came with a small pitcher of some sort of pizza sauce) at an interesting pizza/hamburger/milkshake/ice cream restaurant that consisted of four buildings and a bunch of mismatched tables, and finally a beer inside the bar that I sat outside of last night.  Just about all of these places offered the atmosphere that I was hoping to find here.

Now, I'm going to bed.  I have to get up early to attend some ceremony that most likely contains the Sorting Hat and floating candles from Harry Potter.