My First Near Death Experience

This won't be as exciting as the title suggests, but I bet your heart skipped a beat when you read it!  I bought a frozen pizza earlier today that I planned to have for dinner.  When I was ready, I went to turn the oven on, but found out that it's a gas oven (which I didn't know existed) and I didn't know how to turn it on.  So, being a man, I flicked on a lighter and started turning nobs.  Nothing happened.  After various skype calls to mom and more trial and error, I managed to make the whole place smell like gas, figured out how to light the stove, and how to light (but not keep lit) the oven.

Out of desperation, I called Hajni. She's Hungarian program director who had called me about an hour before to check in with me and remind me to call her if I ever need anything.  I needed something, a frozen pizza to change states into a hot pizza.  Her English isn't perfect, so she was having trouble describing what to do and I wasn't helping with my gas oven ignorance.  After thinking about it a little more, she decided I shouldn't try to do it without asking someone to show me how.  She recommended I make something else for dinner, because she said the old communist oven she had where she used to live would shoot a wall of flames out everytime it was lit.  We laughed about it, and she told me she might call tomorrow to make sure I'm still alive.

Today I explored the Csaba Center, which is a small mall here in my town.  I was impressed because it was fairly good sized and had a lot of nice stores.  I also wandered around the town for a while and kept being surprised by how much I like it.  I saw a lot of buildings (houses, churches, restaurants, and even places that had unidentifiable purposes), and I wanted to describe them with happy words such as "charming", "quaint", and "picturesque".  So many areas looked like they were straight out of a travel magazine advertising exotic, hidden European places.

I also did laundry.  I'm very excited that I have a washing machine in my bathroom.  I laughed heartily when I noticed that the hose that drains the water from the machine is simply placed in the bathroom sink to drain.  These appliances are out to get me, the washer hopes to flood the house as a result of my forgetfulness, and the oven is doing its best to blow me up.