How do you say curtains in Magyar?

Did I mention it's almost impossible to log into this site?  It's all in English, just like it was when I set it up in the United States...but not until I log in.  Before that it's a bunch of words that mean absolutely nothing to me (unfortunately).  Trial and error...

I strolled around Budapest by myself today.  I tried to see how familiar I could make myself feel even though I still hardly know any of the language.  It went pretty well and there's a lot going on because this is the weekend of the big Hungarian national holiday.  I bought some food at a stall that was similar to pizza.  It was baked dough topped with a whole bunch of cheese, something like sour cream or cottage cheese, big chunks of fatty bacon, and plenty of spices.  I don't know the Hungarian word for "delicious", but I would use it if I did.

Now as the afternoon heat has set in, my happy friend named jet lagged has begun to reappear.  I would consider taking a nap but I think my room is about 500 degrees celsius (imagine what that is in farenheit).

The view from where I'm staying is incredible because the building is on a hill overlooking the picturesque city of Budapest.  My room, however, is on the opposite side and is overlooking a picturesque view of why communism sucks.  Oh well, that's what curtains are for.