Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!

Lucky you, you have found the spot where I will tell the story of my next adventure.  I am leaving on August 20th, to travel to Hungary where I will teach for a year.  But before you say, "Wow Alex, you must be going to Budapest because that's the only place in Hungary I've ever heard of.  How Exciting!"  I have to tell you that I'm not going to be in Budapest.  I will be in a town on the eastern border of Hungary called Békéscsaba (I'll explain the pronunciation once I'm sure of the correct way).

Next, everyone asks about the details and I laugh.  I laugh because I don't know many of the details.  I'm going to be teaching at a "bilingual" "secondary" school.  I interpret this to mean I will be teaching "high school" kids...something.  I may or may not be teaching English.  I may or may not be teaching high school students (what does secondary mean anyway?).  All I know for sure is I will be teaching, and it will be, well, interesting.

While I'm gone, I would love to keep in touch with all my family and friends.  I know I wont as much as I should, so I have created this blog to encourage communication.  Here are the instructions:  You will read it to know what I'm up to, and then you will send me an email telling me what you are doing in your life.  Then, you will send an email to everyone else you've ever met and tell them to read this blog.  Then everyone on the planet will read it and I will be proud.

In summary, I will land in Budapest on August 21st and will hopefully be able to start filling in more of this exciting mystery.  Until then, wish me safe travels.