What A Shock

After there was the smoke pouring out of the electrical socket, which was a result of other outlets falling out of the wall, I didn’t think things would ever get worse.  Not only was I wrong, but I can’t really explain what happened last night.  I’m losing faith in Hungarian electrical products.

I have a laptop computer – I’m typing on it right now.  It has a chord that plugs into the wall to charge it’s battery, but this chord is from America.  Having different outlets in Europe, I need to use an adaptor to charge it.  No problem, right?

Wrong - problem.

My friend Nephi was visiting yesterday – you remember him, the guy who ate the brains.  We watched a movie on my computer, and then a football game.  The kind of football where people get tackled and hit by really big guys, then they get up and keep playing.  Not the kind of football where two people bump into each other and they both fall down and roll around in agony.

Anyway, while we were watching these, I kept hearing a funny clicking noise.  I thought maybe it was the heater because the freezing night resulted in it being cranked up to full power.  Next, I thought it was the window complaining that it’s sandwiched between the heater and the cold outside.  After that, I was confused because I couldn’t figure out what it was.

Finally, I discovered it was the adaptor that my computer’s plugged into.  I unplugged it thinking it may have overheated or something.  It slipped out of my mind for a while.

“Low battery.  Connect to another power source to keep from losing your work.”

Something like this message appeared at a critical part of the game – of course.  I plugged it back in without thinking.  Again, it left my mind.

It wasn’t making the crackling noise at first, but it did start up later.  The added smell made me concerned enough to unplug it when we left.  It’s a ongoing goal of mine to not burn this place down.  A goal that’s becoming increasingly challenging.

Here are the pieces.I pulled it out, but only half of it was in my hand.  The other half – looking quite melted – was still in the surge protector.  Uh oh.  I guess that explains the clicking noise.  Now I kind of wish it had been the window – I can buy new windows in Hungary.

Worst part?  I just bought the surge protector that it’s plugged into.  I’ve had it less than a week.  It wasn’t cheap, but I thought it would help protect my computer from the shady electricity.  This is the definition of irony.  Now, half of the plug is still in it.  Melted into it, that is, and I don’t know how to get it Notice the melted part?out.


So now I’ve pulled sockets out of the wall, shot sparks out of them, watched smoke pour out of them, and melted things into them.  I better buy some candles because it seems to only be a matter of time before I run out of electricity.


Hungarian word of the day:


I’m not sure how to pronounce it, but I’m guessing it’s along the lines of Djirt-yah (the “gy” sound is the hardest of the language).  It means candle, and I think it will be very useful when I have to go to the store and ask for them.