Bejgli And Bagels

Cravings are a funny thing.  Suddenly, and often without reason, you have the strong urge to eat something.  Not just anything, but something very specific.

On my previous adventures in Europe, I had strong cravings for burritos.  These are a food that I love, but they haven't traveled very far from Mexico.  I suppose the Atlantic is a much longer swim than the Rio Grande.  You can find burritos at Mexican restaurants in Europe, but every one I've tried has been expensive and terrible.

Anyway, today I was thinking about the Hungarian food Bejgli (pronounced Bay-glee).  I'll come back to bejgli in a second, but let me tell you that thinking about the word made me think of bagels.  I realized that not only have I not had a bagel since being in Hungary, but I haven't even seen one.  They have donuts, why not bagels?  They also have cream cheese.  What am I supposed to put it on, bread?  Where am I?

Finally to bejgli.  This is a food that I was told about by my students because it is made around Christmas.  I didn't get much of an explanation on what they were - maybe they were really just saying the name to get me to think of bagels.  But, I started seeing them in the stores, so I bought one.

"Alex, no!  You do not buy a bejgli!"

I'm afraid to tell a Hungarian a bought one, because I imagine this will be their response.  My students, when not explaining what they are, explained that they always make them at home.  It sounds as if everyone has their own secret recipe.

So what is it?

Well, it's a thing.  It's kind of a long cake, and it has been rolled up with something in the middle.  I was going to take a picture of the one I bought so you could see it.  But, well, I forgot.  My bread cutting knife was dirty, so I cut it with a butter knife and it's no longer pretty.  If you're that curious, why don't you check out the Wikipedia begli article

Overall, I liked it.  I'm going to try and find a recipe on how to make it.  If I do, I'll try to cook one.  That should be an adventure.  If I invite you to try it, you may want to bring some bagels too.  You know, just in case.

Hungarian word of the day:


I know this is my main topic of the day and I already taught it to you, but did you actually read the pronunciation?  Bay-glee.  Much like bagel.  A nice warm bagel with cream cheese.  Here we go again...