Is This How Dating Works In This Inappropriately Named Country?

I went to a restaurant tonight with a beautiful girl.  We talked for a while, and we laughed a ton.  She recommended some food she liked – and I ended up liking it too.  There was no one else in the restaurant for at least half an hour.  We were having a great time together.

Then some other customers came in who could speak Hungarian, and she, the waitress, was less interested in me.

I suppose my first paragraph was slightly misleading.  When I said “I went to a restaurant with a  beautiful girl”, I meant I went to a restaurant and the restaurant had a beautiful girl working there.

When I said “we talked for a while”, I didn’t specify a language.  She spoke about as much English as I do Hungarian – maybe less.  She kept grabbing my dictionary, and at one point, she went into the other room and came back with a few English textbooks.

When I said “we laughed a lot”, well, that part’s true.  Two people communicating in two different languages can be quite funny.

The food part was also true, she recommended some very good dishes.  I had a gigantic cream of onion soup inside of a bread bowl.  It was tasty and filling.  I wasn’t sure about the etiquette of eating the bread bowl, but I left it because the crust was too hard to tear through.  My main dish was a salad of cucumbers, peppers, and tomatoes in a white sauce with chicken on top.

I would’ve enjoyed my main dish a lot more if I’d known it was the last one.  In all the confusion of ordering, I’d lost track of what she may be bringing me.  I was full after the soup (without eating the bowl) and stuffed after the chicken salad (even with only eating about two thirds of it).  I was horrified that, in typical Hungarian hospitality, she would then bring me another giant plate of food and insist I eat it all.

Fortunately she showed mercy on me.  I better learn some more Hungarian, or next time I may not be so lucky.

In Hungarian, the name of this country is Magyarország.  I’m going to check my dictionary, because I think the name Hungary was a bad translation.  It more likely translates to ”Very Full”.

Hungarian word of the day:


Pronounced Cheer and then Cup (without the p).  It means chicken.  Learn your vocabulary, it could come in very handy with a talkative waitress.