Blood and Wine - Not To Be Confused With Bull's Blood Wine

I didn’t look down until I almost stepped in it.  I’m glad I noticed it, though, because I think it was a big pool of blood.  There isn’t any proof to that theory, but what else would it be?  It was dark red and all over the floor of the train station.

Maybe “all over” is too strong of a phrase.  It was just a big puddle, about the size of a car tire if it was laying on its side.  Still, I think that’s a lot.

This was the first thing I noticed upon returning to Békéscsaba from big, grand Budapest.  I was thinking how happy I was to be out of the dirty city when I saw that.  Who would bleed that much in the middle of a station?  And how?  It’s kind of impressive.  All in a nice orderly little pool.

The train ride was also fun.  I had a compartment all to myself, which was awesome until I realized the lights were making a horrible, high-pitched sound.  I didn’t want to move to a crowded compartment, but I wanted to read so I couldn’t turn off the lights.

Fortunately, I was a Boy Scout.  They taught me to be prepared.

In my little shaving bag, between my toothbrush and deodorant, I have a little container of ear plugs.

“That’s stupid, Alex, why would you need ear plugs?” you might’ve asked.  Not anymore.

My trip was the reason I haven’t written a post in few days.  My parents were in the city for the weekend (and flew out today) so I went to spend Saturday night there (after my Saturday school day).

It was pretty.  It was snowy.  It was cold.

I’m really into those Christmas markets, though, and I think I’ll have to head back there one more time before they close.  If freezing to death while drinking hot wine with 200 million of your closest friends is your idea of fun, you should go too.  You’ll see me, I’ll be the cold guy with a mug of wine.

If, like my parents, it’s the last night of your trip and you want to spring for a really nice hotel room, stay at the Marriott.  They checked in before I left, and I got to see the room.  The view was of both major hills, the river, a few of the bridges, and the pretty houses of Buda.  It was so pretty that I think it may be the best tourist attraction in the city.

If you go to Paris, go up the Eiffel tower.  If you go to Budapest, go up the Marriott.  This proves Hungary is better than France.  The Eiffel tower doesn’t come with complimentary soap.

This brings me to my word of advice: always bring ear plugs on a train. If you don’t, a high-pitched noise might make your ears bleed all over the train station.  I bet the blood I saw was from the guy who rode on that train before me.


Hungarian ½ word of the day:


Pronounced the same as the animal “boar” or a person who is a “bore”.  I’ve had enough of the hot, mulled wine that you’d think I’d remember the Hungarian word for it.  Unfortunately, it’s slipping my mind right now.  So this is as far as it goes.