With December Comes The Snow...Sort Of

Sunday found me writing about the lack of snow in Békéscsaba.  This morning, December 1st, found me eating my words.  As I was dreading leaving the warmth of my bed I could hear rain falling outside my window.  Something sounded strange, though, I just couldn't identify what.

Then I got up and opened the curtains.

It was snowing.  The street had slush on it.  The roof across the street was covered.  Snowflakes were clinging to the leaves on the trees.  It finally felt like winter - Hungarian style.

I slushed my way to school and couldn't wait to talk to the kids about it.  Surprisingly, they were happy.  I like cold weather, so I've asked many of them if they like it too.  No!  They want to go to beaches and warm places - not the cold darkness of Hungary in winter.

The view out the window of the classroom was great.  After class finished I had a break, so I left the school to go get some breakfast.  That's when the problem arose.

It was raining.  Not light, peaceful rain.  It was raining hard.  And so went the rest of the day.

I'm fascinated that the light layer of snow clung to the roofs of the buildings.  The sidewalks were flooding.  My umbrella was asking for overtime pay.  I saw fish swimming down the street.  Yet the snow stayed on the tops of buildings.

Is Hungarian snow stronger and more stubborn than snow in other places?  It wouldn't surprise me.  The Hungarians are a tough race of people, so the snow will have to work hard to keep up.  It even made the rain mad.

It's still raining.  There's still snow on the rooftops.

There was one more valuable lesson that I learned today.  I asked one of my classes if they ever get school canceled because of snow.  They didn't respond and looked sort of confused.  Did they not understand?  I explained that in the United States we get to stay home from school if there's too much snow.  Instead of going to classes, we play in the snow with our friends.

Now they understood.  I also understood something.  I understood this was a foriegn concept and they wanted to kill me.  I'd better be careful or there may be a school-wide revolution during the next snow storm.  I'd better not bring up snowball fights...

Hungarian word of the day:


Pronounced Hoe-goy-o, it means "Snowball".  I should memorize this word because I'll need to know to duck if I hear it.  What's the word for "WATCH OUT! IT'S COMING RIGHT FOR YOU!"?