If You Want Sympathy, You've Come To The Wrong Place

I'm living a life of adventure, and I love it.  However, it's not always as easy as it sounds.  I know I left you with a cliffhanger about prison yesterday, but that story will have to wait until tomorrow.

Would you like to know what else will have to wait until tomorrow?  Me.  I smell really bad.  I smell bad because I don't have any clothes that are clean.  To be completely accurate, I don't have any clothes that are clean and dry.

I took all of my clean clothes with me on my trip last week, and I left a bunch of dirty laundry at home.  I'm fortunate because my apartment has a washing machine that washes things for me.  The downside is that nature has to dry it for me, because I don't have a drier.  Instead, I have an overflowing drying rack full of clothes that are attempting to keep each other wet.

This isn't a complaint, I'm just trying to share all of the aspects of this lifestyle with you.  I was just able to go on an awesome trip with only a few days off, and it drained me all of my energy.  That leaves me with cleaning to do, a job to figure out, and smelly or wet clothes to wear.

Many of my Hungarian students and colleagues spent last week relaxing, so they're well rested and full of energy.  I'm the opposite.  I spent last week living on criminally low amounts of sleep.  Everyone else is accomplishing a lot and wondering why I keep wearing the same blue striped shirt.

None of this, though, is the worst part.  Are you curious what is?  I'll show you a way to understand how I feel.  When you get to school or work tomorrow, try saying this to everyone:

"Give me a break and let me do everything slowly.  I spent all of last week exploring Croatia and Slovenia while you sat at home.  It really tired me out."

Be careful not to say it to someone who hasn't had their coffee, though, because they might try and kill you.  I'll wear moist, stinky clothes everyday if it means I can keep rushing off to places like that on weekends.  I highly recommend it.

If you're wondering what to get me for Christmas, deodorant would be nice.