My New Home!

Welcome to my new site!  Bookmark because this is where you'll find me from now on.  As my blogging hobby has increased, I decided I needed to step it up a little.  I want more than just a blog - I want a complete website.

Now, you will be able to follow my adventures in whole new ways.  Do not worry, however, because I will continue to write my blog just as I have before.  All of that will stay the same.

You will still get to read about my everyday adventures.  I will still make fun of everything (including myself) to make even a sad story enjoyable to read.  Pictures will probably be added more often, and they may even get their own page within my site.

Plus, the Hungarian word of the day will remain.  That's not ever going to disappear.

I'm still working on this site, so it's far from finished.  I was just too excited to hide it any longer!  Please tell me suggestions of things you'd like, as well as your opinions about what I already have.

One of my ideas is to start reviewing places I visit (cities, hotels, restaurants, and other places) so you can know where to go, or not go, if you want to follow me around.  Please don't follow me too closely, though, that would be creepy.

Please continue to leave comments and e-mail me suggestions!  Many of my posts have started to become interactive, and that makes it much more enjoyable for everyone involved.  Correct me when I'm wrong to keep me honest.  Add any other facts that I leave out.  Laugh along with me when I see something hilarious.

But, most importantly, read and enjoy!

Now, as promised, the Hungarian word of the day:

Isten Hozta

It means "welcome," as in welcome to my new website!