Is Smoke Supposed To Come Out Of The Wall?

I have a big electric kettle to heat up water.  Maybe you would call it a pitcher.  It's a big blue plastic thing that boils water in less than a minute.  Needless to say, it gets a lot of use.

Today, I clicked it on and went in the other room for a second.  When I came back in, I noticed a funny smell.  I looked at the electrical outlet and saw smoke pouring out of it.

Hmm, that's not normal.

Quickly I unplugged it.  Smoke was still coming out, but I couldn't see whatever it was that was burning.  I guess I'll blow on it?

Oh well, I was in the middle of making lunch so I just pretended it didn't happen.  It went away.  I'll ask someone about it on Monday, but until then, I'll just enjoy the adventure.

View from my balcony.
I can always call the tűzoltóság (fire department)Pretty cool how I snuck in the word of the day like that.  They were parked outside yesterday, they must be psychic too.
I never did find out why they were here.